Introducing Elyssia, an enchanting new family address at the heart of Wollert’s exciting future.


Sales Centre
480 Epping Road,
Wollert VIC 3750

Site Address
40-60 Bodycoats Road,
Wollert VIC 3750

Open by Phone or Virtual Appointment only



Marketing Documents

Fact Sheet
Main Brochure
Master Plan
Stage 1A Plan
Stage 1B Plan
Stage 1C Plan
Stage 2A Plan
Stage 2B Plan
Stage 3 Plan
Stage 4A Plan
Stage 4B Plan
Stage 5A Plan
Stage 5B Plan
Stage 5C Plan

Project Documents

Design Guidelines

Stage 1

Stage 1 Functional Layout Plan
Stage 1 MCP Building Envelopes
Stage 1 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 2

Stage 2 Functional Layout Plan
Stage 2 MCP Building Envelopes
Stage 2 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 3

Stage 3 Functional Layout Plan
Stage 3 MCP Building Envelopes
Stage 3 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 4

Stage 4 Functional Layout Plan
Stage 4 MCP Building Envelopes
Stage 4 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 5

Stage 5 Functional Layout Plan
Stage 5 MCP Building Envelopes
Stage 5 Plan of Subdivision