Killara will offer land surrounded by open green spaces, in a variety of sizes ensuring there’s the perfect block for you to build your dream home.


396-406 Chambers Flat Road, Logan Reserve QLD 4133

Open: 10am – 5pm daily



Kim Silver
P 1800 874 993

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Stage 1

As Cons Sewer Stage 1

As Cons Water Stage 1

BAL Report Stage 1

Building Setback Plan Stage 1

Level 1 Certificate Stage 1

Level 1 Report Stage 1

NBN Certificate Stage 1

Registered Survey Plan Stage 1

Stage 2

As Cons Sewer Stage 2

As Cons Storm Water Stage 2

As Cons Water Stage 2

BAL Report Stage 2

BLE Plan Stage 2

Disclosure Plans Stage 2

Level 1 Certificates Stage 2

Level 1 Report Stage 2

NBN Certificate Stage 2

OPW Drawings Stage 2

Registered Survey Plan Stage 2

Stage 3

As Cons Sewer Stage 3

As Cons Storm Stage 3

As Cons Topography Stage 3

As Cons Water Stage 3

BAL Report Stage 3

BLE Plan Stage 3

Disclosure Plans Stage 3

Level 1 Certificates Stage 3

Level 1 Report Stage 3

NBN Certificate Stage 3

OPW Drawings Stage 3

Registered Survey Plan Stage 3

Stage 4

As Cons Sewer Stage 4

As Cons Water Stage 4

BLE Plan Stage 4

Disclosure Plans Stage 4

Level 1 Certificates Stage 4

Level 1 Report Stage 4

Registered Survey Plan Stage 4

Roadworks and Stormwater Drainage Stage 4

Sewerage Reticulation Stage 4

Water Reticulation Stage 4

Stage 5

As Cons Sewer Stage 5

As Cons Water Stage 5

BLE Plan Stage 5

Disclosure Plans Stage 5 – Registered

Level 1 Certificates Stage 5

Level 1 Report Stage 5

Registered Survey Plan Stage 5

Stage 6A

As Cons Sewer Stage 6A

As Cons Water Stage 6A

BLE Plan Stage 6A

Disclosure Plans Stage 6A – Registered

Level 1 Certificates Stage 6A

Level 1 Report Stage 6A

Registered Survey Plan Stage 6A

Stage 6B

As Cons Stormwater Stage 6B

As Cons Sewer Stage 6B

As Cons Water Stage 6B

BLE Plan Stage 6B

Disclosure Plans Stage 6B

Level 1 Certificates Stage 6B

Level 1 Report Stage 6B

Registered Survey Plan Stage 6B

Stage 7


BAL Report Stage 7

As Cons Sewer Stage 7

As Cons Water Stage 7

BLE Plan Stage 7

Disclosure Plans Stage 7

Registered Survey Plan Stage 7 SP303646 

Level 1 Certificates Stage 7

Level 1 Report Stage 7

Stage 8


Disclosure Plans Stage 8

Marketing Plan Stage 8A

Marketing Plan Stage 8B

POD Stage 8

Stage 9


Disclosure Plans Stage 9

Draft Survey Plan Stage 9

Allocated Street Number Plan Stage 9

BAL Report Stage 9

BLE Plan Stage 9

Stage 10


Disclosure Plans Stage 10 

Draft Survey Plan Stage 10

BAL Report Stage 10

BLE Plan Stage 10

Registered Survey Plan Stage 10

Allocated Street Number Plan Stage 10

As Cons Sewer & Water Stage 10

As Cons Drainage Stage 10

Level 1 Report Stage 10

Stage 11A & 11B


As Cons Sewer Stage 11A & 11B

As Cons Water Stage 11A & 11B

BLE Plan Stage 11A & 11B

Disclosure Plans Stage 11A Part I

Disclosure Plans Stage 11B

Registered Survey Plan Stage 11A

Registered Survey Plan Stage 11B

BAL Report Stage 11A & 11B

Level 1 Report Stage 11A & 11B Part I

Level 1 Report Stage 11A & 11B Part II

As Cons Stormwater Stage 11A & 11B

Stage 13

As Cons Sewer Stage 13B

As Cons Sewer Stage 13A

As Cons Storm Stage 13A

As Cons Storm Stage 13B

As Cons Topography Stage 13B

As Cons Water Stage 13A

As Cons Water Stage 13B

BAL Report Stage 13

Building Setback Plan Stage 13

Level 1 Certificate Stage 13A

Level 1 Certificate Stage 13B

Level 1 Report Stage 13A

Level 1 Certificate Stage 13B

Level 1 Report Stage 13A

Level 1 Report Stage 13B

NBN Certificate Stage 13B

Registered Survey Plan Stage 13A

Registered Survey Plan Stage 13B

Stage 14

As Cons Sewer Stage 14

As Cons Water Stage 14

BLE Plan Stage 14

Disclosure Plans Stage 14

Level 1 Certificates Stage 14

Level 1 Report Stage 14

Registered Survey Plan Stage 14

Stage 15

As Cons Sewer Stage 15

As Cons Water Stage 15

BLE Plan Stage 15

Disclosure Plans Stage 15

Level 1 Certificates Stage 15

Level 1 Report Stage 15

Registered Survey Plan Stage 15