Covella at Greenbank will be a contemporary place to live, connected by lush green bushland. Where your family can live an active, healthy life… and build your dream home close to local amenities and Springfield Lakes.


Pub Lane, Greenbank QLD 4124

Open: 10am – 5pm daily


Ange Taylor
P 0437 110 383

Marketing Documents

Marketing Brochure
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Stage 19A Plan

Stage 27 Plan

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Project Documents

Design Guidelines

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Greenbank Urbis Report

2019/2020 Annual Compliance Report – EPBC 2011/6106

2020/2021 Annual Compliance Report – EPBC 2011/6106

Stage 1

As Cons Sewer Stage 1
As Cons Stormwater Stage 1
As Cons Water Stage 1
Disclosure Plans Stage 1 – Registered
Level 1 Report Stage 1
POD Stage 1
Registered Survey Plan Stage 1

Acoustic Report Stage 1

Stage 2

As Cons Sewer Stage 2
As Cons Stormwater Stage 2
As Cons Water Stage 2
Disclosure Plans Stage 2 – Registered
Level 1 Report Stage 2
POD Stage 2
Registered Survey Plan Stage 2
Street Names Stage 2

Stage 3a

Acoustic Report Stage 3A
As Cons Sewer Stage 3A
As Cons Stormwater Stage 3A
As Cons Water Stage 3A
Disclosure Plans Stage 3A
Level 1 Report Stage 3A
POD Stage 3A
Registered Survey Plan Stage 3A

Stage 3B

Acoustic Report Stage 3B
Disclosure Plans Stage 3B
Level 1 Report Stage 3B
POD Stage 3B
Registered Survey Plan Stage 3B
As Cons Sewer Stage 3B
As Cons Stormwater Stage 3B
As Cons Water Stage 3B
Street Numbers Stage 3B

Stage 4

POD BLE – Stage 4

Disclosure plans Stage 4 Part I

Disclosure plans Stage 4 Part II

Registered Survey Plan Stage 4

Civil Works Stage 4

Level 1 Report Stage 4

Street Numbers Stage 4

As Cons Sewer Stage 4

As Cons Water Stage 4

As Cons Stomwater Stage 4

Stage 5

Disclosure plans Stage 5 Part I

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Registered Survey Plan Stage 5

POD Stage 5 

Level 1 Report Stage 5

As Cons Sewer & Water Stage 5

As Cons Stormwater Stage 5

Stage 6

Disclosure plans Stage 6A

Disclosure plans Stage 6B

Disclosure plans Stage 6C

Disclosure plans Stage 6D

Covella Stg 6 Registered Survey Plan

Covella Stg 6B Release Plan

POD Stage 6

Level 1 Report Stage 6

Covella Stage 6 – Design Guidelines

As Cons Sewer Stage 6 

As Cons Water Stage 6

As Cons Stormwater Stage 6

Stage 7

Disclosure plans Amended Stage 7

Covella Stage 7 Draft Rev C Survey Plan

Covella Stage 7 Plan of Development (DRAFT)

Stage 17

As Cons Sewer Stage 17
As Cons Stormwater Stage 17
As Cons Water Stage 17
Disclosure Plans Stage 17
Level 1 Report Stage 17
POD Stage 17
Registered Survey Plan Stage 17
Street Numbers Stage 17

Stage 18

Disclosure Plans Stage 18A

Disclosure Plans Stage 18B

Acoustic Report Stage 18

Covella Stg 18A Release Plan

Covella Stg 18B Release Plan

Covella Stg 18C Release Plan

Covella Stg 18D Release Plan

POD Stage 18

Disclosure Plans Stage 18D

Covella Stage 18 Survey Plan

Covella Stage 18 Sewer As Cons

Covella Stage 18 Water As Cons

Level 1 Report Stage 18 

Covella Stage 18 Stormwater As Cons

Stage 19

Disclosure Plans Stage 19

Disclosure Plans Stage 19

Covella Stg 19A Release Plan

Covella Stg 19C Builders Release Plan

Covella Stg 19 Acoustic Report

Covella Stg 19 Design Guidelines

Covella Stg 19 Draft Survey Plan

Covella Stg 19 Plan of Development

Stage 22

Covella Stg 22 Plan of Development

Covella Stg 22 Draft Survey Plan

Covella Stg 22 Noise Report

Covella Stg 22 Bushfire Report A

Covella Stg 22 Bushfire Report B

Covella Stg 22 Disclosure Plans

Stage 27

Covella Stg 27 Draft Survey Plan SP330367

Covella Stg 27 Bushfire Report

POD Stage 27

Disclosure Plans Stage 27