Where the good life is within reach. Carolina, as the name might suggest, is a true, natural extension of Caroline Springs.


Cnr Taylors & Sinclairs Road, Deanside VIC 3335

Open 10am – 5pm Daily


Marketing Documents

Carolina Project Brochure

Carolina Design Guidelines (June 2021)

Carolina Amenity Brochure
Carolina Elmwood Release Stage Plan
Carolina Valiant Release Stage Plan

Carolina Celebration Release Stage 11A Plan

Carolina Gala Release Stage 11B Plan

Carolina Discover Release Stage 3A Plan

Carolina Explorer Release Stage 3B Plan

Carolina Wander Release Stage 3C Plan

Carolina Adventurer Release Stage 4A Plan

Carolina Seek Release Stage 4B Plan

Carolina Wanderlust Release Stage 4C Plan

Carolina Bliss Release Stage 11C Plan

Carolina Scout Release Stage 5A Plan

Carolina Glee Release Stage 11D Plan

Carolina Forage Release Stage 6 Plan

Carolina Delight Release Stage 14A Plan

Carolina Jubilation Release Stage 14B Plan

Carolina Aspire Release Stage 7A Plan

Carolina Aspire Release Stage 7A Plan

Carolina Aspire Release Stage 7A Plan

Carolina Wonder Release Stage 15A Plan

Project Documents

Carolina Design Guidelines (Stage 1 & 2)

Carolina Design Guidelines (Feb 2021)

Carolina Design Guidelines (April 2021 – Draft)

Stage 1

Stage 1 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 1 Engineering Face Plan

Stage 1 Level 1 Report

Stage 2

Stage 2 Plan of Subdivision
Stage 2 Engineering Face Plan
Stage 2 Level 1 Report

Stage 11

Stage 11 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 11 Engineering Face Plan

Contract of Sale

Stage 3

Stage 3 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 3 Engineering Face Plan

Stage 3 Compaction Report

Stage 4

Stage 4 Plan of Subdivision

Contract of Sale

Stage 4 Engineering Face Plan

Stage 5

Stage 5 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 5 Engineering 

Stage 5 Contract of Sale

Stage 6

Stage 6 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 6 Engineering

Stage 6 Contract of Sale

Stage 6 Compaction Report

Stage 7

Stage 7 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 7 Draft Engineering Plan

Stage 7 Contract of Sale

Stage 14

Stage 14 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 14 Engineering Plan

Stage 14 Contract of Sale (Blocks 1420-1424)

Stage 8

Stage 8 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 8 Contract of Sale

Stage 8 Engineering Plan

Stage 15

Stage 15 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 15 Engineering Plan

Stage 15 Contract of Sale